Custom Design

Host NorthWest is all about custom design. All of the server hardware housed in our server facility has been designed to stringent specifications to insure the highest level of reliability.

If the solution requires dedicated servers or other hardware, Host NorthWest will make sure that all requirements are met when dealing with high availability computer systems. We will make sure that all issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

We provide UPS conditioned power with generator backup in the case of any extended grid failures. All server room equipment is kept at a constant temperature with active environmental conditioning equipment. Backups are maintained on a RAID 5 server with tape archive. System up-time is targeted at 99.99%.

If you feel unsure about impementing and hosting any of the following technologies:

      •   Telecommunications
      •   Data Processing
      •   Voice Processing
      •   Speech Recognition

Contact Host NorthWest with any of your telecommunications needs, we provide a very custom, very high level of customer service.

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